mandag den 8. juni 2009

I have a time machine, oh yeah!

More likely; a photo album. But not just any photo album. Mrs. Coe's photo album, yup yup. You got the chills yet?

So I'd just skip all the talking and move forward to the first page of the photo album, which actually made me laugh:

Here goes...

This is Mrs. Coe in France. She thought that the trees looked cute and gave 'em all names, she thought it would be a pity for the trees, not having names. (Piccie only made me laugh, because right after it's taking I fell and hurt my arm so we had to go to the hospital.)

This ain't really a funny piccie or anything, except my hateful taste in clothing. What so ever, it's my sissy Sofie, at my site.

I COULDN'T TURN THIS FUCKING PIC AROUND! So this is how you get it. And what you see, is Tea enjoying the sun, and the pool.

Again, Tea, just taken 1 min after the picture above. Not looking like she enjoys the sun after all.

Tea, Sofie, Karoline (XD) and Mum posing in France. Ahaha at Karoline! She's invisible!

Tea on the beach, looking oh-so-dandy. Really ugly bikini by the way x'D

My sis Sofie and I, sitting in a VERY cold "waterfall". Looking really fierce too.

Tea and Allan swimming in the ice cold waterfall! (But if you look close at Tea, you can see that she's cheating, and having her leg right leg on the groun, trying to hold her head high. She couldn't swim like that. Which is a waste of swimming lessons)

And my favorite piccie, because both Sofie and I, look incredibly dumb x'D

Tea modeling, thinking that her mum is trying to take a piccie of her and not the view.

Tea at her house in Italy, playing Hugo. Tea also never learns to sit at a chair in a normal way, while being on the computer.

Tea acting with two of her bestfriends. AIN'T THAT JUST CRUEL!? MAKING US WEAR SUCH A SACK OF, yeah I don't even want to know...

And I don't know why this was in that album, very mixed photo album. What you see, aha aha, is Tea, aha aha, and Sofie, aha aha, looking at a piccie of Sofie, which was soooo fun x'D (in Italy)

And this is the last piccies, also one of my favorite. This piccie was supposed to be a piccie of Tea alone, but accidently two kids were add'ed to the pic. Actually what you should look at, are those two kids x'D

And now I'm actually finished, back in time and all. I might edit a bit more on it tomorrow, if I ain't that tired, but you really shouldn't count on it!

Nighty night!

lørdag den 6. juni 2009

Okay, so I have to edit this blog later, cuz I'm going home to some friends now. But just, right before I were about to leave, Misa thought I should post some piccies of some chibi's I drew for her and Joon, so yeah, here goes:

So this is Jooneys chibi. Thought it was cute to make it a little boy ;3

And this is Miiisa's chibi, and seeing as she wanted to have her hair grow long again, I made her hair grow long u.u
And now I'm gonna hurry, if I'm gonna be at my friends house just in time o.o

They're used glitter pens on 'em! c;;

fredag den 5. juni 2009

Actually this is a parking lot, you may not think so, but believe me; IT IS!


Today I was home alone, and I asked a friend named, Trine, what to do? And then Trine said something I'll never forget, she said (look out for the rhyming): Tag billeder? :D
Which in english means, dun dun duun: Take pictures? :D
So I thought about it, like in, whats called two hours in english, and I got to the conclusion; that I, Tea Coe, would, indeed, take pictures of the amazing landscape around my new home in Søborg, which is in Denmark.
Here, to give you a little insight of how my afternoon looked like, I present to you; the Parking lot:

A parking lot!

Some ugly cars at a parking lot!

Someone taking a ride at the oh-so-special parking lot!

An ugly camper at the parking lot!

A chopped off flower, which will result in my head chopped off, aswell, it's was a gift from Andy (my boyfriend)'s mother, oh lordy! (It accidently happend that I chopped the flower off, when I leaned out of the window to take oh-so-exciting parking lot piccies.

Oh and the last oh-so-awesome piccies, just wanted to show you, that thingy, in the middle, which name I just forgot, is a gift from an odd indian I met in Copenhagen today! I can actually manage to play about 5 melodies on it already, and you see, the sweet little "boy" in the frame next to it, is me, after my good friend Amalie, thought we should play hairdressers on each other.
And thats about it for today :D


There was no tomorrow.
How sad ;-;

tirsdag den 19. maj 2009

The return of the oh so almighty werecat, Emoron.

I just made a blog today. Seems like I'm the only one left without one, so.. yeah ö



I really don't know, what to write, so therefore, I wont write anything. What a good blog :D


Ah waait! Attende!

Nah, nevermind. I'll figure out something to write tomorrow. Maybe.